Wild Star

Project Statment

Wild Star is an informational and educational website that teaches users about outer space and provides news coverage of recent events within the field. To represent the idea of space being the “final frontier”, the logo features an astronaut looking out to the horizon to witness planets and stars high in the sky. Users who look through this site are eager to explore and learn more about the wonders of the vastness of space.

Visual elements focus on a futuristic theme with UI elements that are inspired by coding software, computer terminals, and simplistic website design. Gemunu Libre and Source Code Pro fonts are prominent throughout this website, as they invoke the sense that the user is on a NASA computer. Accessibility was taken into account as well. The colors orange and blue were chosen so users can easily identify the difference between inactive and active buttons.

Personas target an audience consisting of teens and young adults between 15 and 29, who take an interest in astronomy and wish to know more. For this purpose, the site map highlights the Explore and News pages. The Explore page allows users to use a simulator to view our solar system in an interactive way, and the News page shows off a list of articles pertaining to astronomy topics.


Wild Star Logo

Black and white versions of Wild Star logo displayed on orange and blue Apple watches.


Wild Star Style Tile detailing color usage, fonts, and overall styling.
Wild Star Site Map that highlights the Explore and News section in greater detail.


Wild Star persona about Ben Roger.
Wild Star persona about Michael Davis.

Wild Star Website

Wild Star website showcase, featuring the home, explore, news, and contact pages.