What do graphic designers do?

Think of your favorite brand, what part of their design grabs your attention? Is it the way their website is structured, how the logo looks, or maybe there was an infographic that helped you out? Behind any graphic visual is an experienced graphic designer who took the necessary steps to get to the final outcome. So what do graphic designers do? The main goal is always the same, and that is to solve a specific problem using visual design.

There are some artists whose styles stand out to you. Whether it is through realism, abstract art, pixelated, or cartoony and zany. Everyone has a style or styles that they prefer. So who are my artist inspirations? My top two artists are Akira Toriyama, behind the hit series Dragonball; and Tyson Hesse, known for his whimsical style of Sonic the Hedgehog.

A logo is the face of the brand and what it represents. One glance should make any viewer think about your brand in a positive light, from how resourceful you are to the amount of trust they have in you. Now what makes a good logo differs for every person due to personal preferences. However, I will explain what I think are the most important aspects to consider when making a good logo.