Feck Soda

Project Statment

This serialization of Feck Soda includes three featured flavors: Banana Zap, Jungle Lime, and Cherry Blast. Each flavored drink showcases a typographic, graffiti design that grabs hold of your attention. The main source of inspiration during the early stages of sketching was James Victore, a designer who primarily used Sharpies to create bold and simple imagery.

Feck Soda encompasses that idea by using a comic, hand-drawn style for the branding. The typography pops out to the viewer with minimal design for the backgrounds in order to avoid confrontation with the main focus. To represent each flavor, bright colors and simple shapes were used to convey the taste of banana, lime, and cherry. An array of small dots are also present on the cans in order to give them a rough texture.

In graffiti, letterforms are manipulated in size, shape, orientation, and color in seemingly complex fashions. Understanding how each letter should be placed next to each other and what to manipulate took trial and error to get right.


Flat Designs

Flat design for the banana flavor of Feck Soda.
Flat design for the lime flavor of Feck Soda.