Morales Macaws

Project Statment

The Morales Macaws is a family-inspired soccer team who boasts a proud and bold presence. The logo represents those strong ideals with the blue and gold macaw, with its bright colors and wings spread out. The angular nature and sharp corners of the macaw logo also show how headstrong and competitive the team is. The blue ribbon represents the team’s high quality spirit and makes the overall design of the logo act as a sport’s crest.

The chosen typography also represents the core ideas of the brand: boldness, pride, and strength. Museo Slab and Martel Sans are the only fonts used, but are versatile enough to be used in any situation within this high action sport. The rest of the brand identity system continues to convey those core ideas with its blue and gold color scheme and golden wing graphics. Such features are included in the letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and team uniforms in order to make the brand coherent.


Previous Versions

Two older versions of the Morales Macaws logo that feature different ribbon designs.

Final Version

Primary and Secondary logo of Morales Macaws. Features a gold and blue macaw with its wings spread out wide in the primary logo. The secondary logo has no ribbon and text.

Logo Variations

Black and white versions of the primary and secondary Morales Macaws logo.
Reversed out versions of the primary and secondary Morales Macaws logo.

Color & Type Study

Color and Type Study for the Morales Macaws brand.

Identity System

Stationary designs that include letterhead, business card, and envelope with Morales Macaws branding.
Soccer team uniform for the Morales Macaws. Includes Nike logo, Morales Macaws logo, two gold stripes, and a golden wing along the bottom of the shirt.

Brand Style Guide