Project Statment

ONYX takes inspiration from tea ingredients that have a background in Asia. Research involved different types of tea that are grown in the mountainous regions of the country. Bohea and Yancha are types of Wuyi tea that mean “rock tea”. Other types of Wuyi tea are Da Hong Pao, meaning “Big Red Robe”, and Oolong tea.

To represent this Asian background, ONYX displays a visual identity that is both exotic and mystical through graphic elements that represent steam, ink, and mountains. The ONYX logo is a hand-drawn typeface that takes inspiration from inky calligraphy through continuous brush strokes. The style of the logo is present throughout the packaging as black and colored streaks flow to move the customer’s eye. Along the bottom of the package, a quote from William Ewart Gladstone can be seen which speaks about the effects tea can have to soothe a person. It is the cornerstone of the values that ONYX has on its tea products. The purple coloring directs the viewer’s attention due to the contrast in color with the rest of the packaging.

Two flavors were made: Formosa Jade and White Peach. Each has their own icon and color that is displayed on the front and sides of the box. The icons are simple and bold, imitating the way stamps appear on documented papers.


Dieline - Fermosa Jade

ONYX tea dieline, Fermosa Jade

Dieline - White Peach