Diabetes Infographic

A row of icons that depict the main topics of the diabetes infographic: A1C, Nutrition, Exercise, Manage Blood Sugar, Glucose Sensor, and Lifestyle.

Project Statment

The most important part before coming up with a design is figuring out what kind of platform to present an infographic about Type 1 Diabetes. It was then decided that a presentation format for Instagram would be made. The reason for this is so information can be grouped into sections as users would swipe to see different facts and tips depending on the topic.

Extensive research was done alongside the planning process. All of the information that was gathered was grouped into six topics: A1C, Nutrition, Exercise, Manage Blood Sugar, Glucose Sensors, and Lifestyle. Due to there being multiple sections being covered in this infographic, there must be enough correct information per section. All of the facts and details then had to be interpreted into a simplified graphic format for users to easily read all of the information.

In order to quickly identify each topic, each section had their own color schemes, icons, and headlines associated with it. The overall roundedness of the imagery and bright colors help bring a warm welcome so users can stay invested as they read through the infographic.


How To Manage Type 1 Diabetes. First slide depicting a row of icons and a short description of infographic.
Infographic depicting information regarding the A1C.
Infographic depicting information about Nutrition. Three columns of food options are listed.
Infographic depicting information on the symptoms of low and high blood sugar and how to treat them.
Infographic depicting information between two glucose sensor brands: Freestyle Libre and Dexcom.
Infographic depicting information for different categories on how Type 1 Diabetics should maintain their health.
A list of sources that were used in the making of this diabetes infographic.
A collection of icons are displayed that were used in the diabetes infographic.
Sketches of the initial concept for the diabetes infographic.