Bridge The Gap

Project Statment

Bridge The Gap (BTG) is a family-owned, non-profit business with the goal of giving rural communities access to education, technology, equality, and accessibility in southern Ohio. To accomplish this, BTG funds educational opportunities and helps supply underrepresented areas with technology and educational materials that are ethically sourced and low-cost. The services that Bridge The Gap offers are providing technology and materials to schools, holding community building events or opportunities, offering tutoring services both online and in-person, teaching online courses, and providing necessary school materials.

To appeal to a wide audience, the brand identity for Bridge The Gap invokes emotions of being included, supported, and comfortable. The primary logo features a happy face in the shape of a rounded cube and rounded text for the name “Bridge The Gap”. The light blue represents the idea of support and stability. Additional brand colors include orange, red, green, and purple to offer a colorful and playful atmosphere so that kids enjoy the brand as well. Graphics include a multitude of rounded, boxed icons and various faces based off of the logo. The icons offer a way to identify services and products. The different faces provide a friendly atmosphere so that users may connect with the brand.